Holistic Initiation

Health (r)Evolution Design & Initiation ​

With Hethir Rodriguez

How It Works

(r)Evolutionary Holistic Initiation is an extremely potent and personal program that incorporates the most effective health and wellness modalities for optimal living. It’s unlike any other health or mind, body program because it brings clarity to all of the confusion of what YOU need to personally do for optimal health and wellness. It breaks through the barriers that keep us from upleveling our health and wellbeing as well as being intensely bespoke and personal to the individual.

We focus on deep diving into where you are and gaining clarity on where you want to be, and then crafting your one of a kind blueprint for body, mind and spirit transformation. This approach to personal health (r)Evolution will be the beginning of a profound transformation for you, so you can stop wasting time trying to figure out what is the best path and begin experiencing more energy, vitality and clarity.

Why It's Different

This is not just another health program. Hethir’s (r)Evolutionary Holistic Initiation will not only transform what it feels like to be healthy and vibrant, but also save you years of researching and trial-and error, and incorporate mind and body work to make the profound shifts needed for lasting transformation. The (r)Evolutionary Holistic Initiation gives you everything you need to begin your personal health (r)Evolution and begin to dramatically change the trajectory of your life.

Our Clientele

We work with those who have attained success but at a cost to their mind, body and spirit. If you have experienced burnout, are transitioning through your mid-life reset or are at the cross-roads with your health, this is the program for you. If you have achieved success but want to take your life to the next level and experience new realms of health, vitality and consciousness. Working with Hethir will be the turning point that can change everything.

What To Expect

When you begin, you start by meeting with Hethir to design your (r)Evolution through discovering and discussing the areas of your life you want to transform. You will take a deep dive into your history as well as the future you are creating. Hethir will then design your bespoke (r)Evolution Blueprint and arrangements will be made for your luxurious, in person, one-day (r)Evolutionary Holistic Initiation and intensive.

The blueprint includes your nutrition, supplements and herbs, a complete health and wellness program, as well as your body, mind and spirit codes to make life changing shifts in the shortest amount of time possible.

Your blueprint will be delivered during your initiation with Hethir. This will be a luxurious one – day intensive where you will receive your blueprint and all the tools will be introduced, including, health products, health tools and your personal codes for the blueprint. Following this intensive you will have everything you need to powerfully begin your personal (r)Evolution and can get continued support as you get going during the first month.

  • 1 to 1 meeting with Hethir to design your transformation and create your Blueprint
  • A luxurious one-day intensive initiation to begin your blueprint
  • All health products, tools and personal codes are included
  • One month access to Hethir for questions.

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