Evolutionary Holistic Immersion

Health (r)Evolution Holistic Immersion

With Hethir Rodriguez

How It Works

(r)Evolutionary Holistic Immersion takes a highly bespoke and personalized approach to further enhancing your body, mind and spirit evolution by working 1:1 with Hethir for a series of months with frequent recalibrations of your blueprint and codes. Hethir’s Personal Health (r)Evolution approach to your personal transformation takes your experience of health and wellness to the next level. Your journey began when you receive your Blueprint and initiation with Hethir. Now that you are on your journey and are so delighted with the life shifts, new found energy, clarity and vitality you are experiencing – You are now ready and wanting to continue along this transformation path and continue to elevate your (r)Evolution.

Why It's Different

This is 1:1 bespoke work that is a constant reinvention of your blueprint and codes as you begin to shift, grow and change on your journey. As you progress through the layers of transformation, shifts and updates will need to be made to your blueprint and codes will need to be recalibrated to continue evolving on your transformation. Clients who work with Hethir at this level are amazed at the level of support and how quickly they are able to experience changes and expansion in their mind, body and spirit wellness.

Our Clientele

Hethir does Immersion work after you have begun your Blueprint and have been initiated and are ready for the next evolution and upgrade of your health. Because of how deep and personal this work is, Immersion work with Hethir is by invitation only.

What To Expect

Entering Immersion work with Hethir is a 1:1 bespoke program that is constantly getting upgraded on a weekly and monthly basis. Hethir works closely with you to adjust and upgrade your blueprint and create new custom codes to allow consistent transformation and elevated wellness. Immersion work allows the two of you to focus on your main goals and areas of focus, creating upgrades when and where you need them the most. Included with your immersion work is your personalised wellness products and tools sent to you each month.

Direct and regular communication with Hethir and support during your transformation for 3-6 months.
Ongoing custom adjustments to your blueprint and one of a kind tools and codes created for you
Monthly VIP box mailed with custom program, products and tools to continue your transformation and upgrades.

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