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5 Tips for Believing In Yourself More

How we see ourselves is THE determining factor in what we are able to accomplish in our lives. If you have a passion, a goal or a dream you are wanting to realize, your belief in yourself needs to be strong.

This is something that everyone has to work on and build. Most women were not raised with a strong self belief, but regardless you can start creating more belief in yourself starting today. Here are my top 5 ways you can start to create more self belief and begin to reach your goals, dreams and full potential.

Everything that exists was first a thought

Everything we see in our world, everything that exists, first started as an idea, a thought. Then was brought into existence by someone. If you have an idea, goal or passion placed on our heart, you are the person that is supposed to bring it to life. You having that thought or desire is the evidence of your path.

Why not you?

It seems much easier for us to come up with a list of reasons why we are not good enough to be the one who brings this goal or dream to life. Why not you?

The uniqueness that is you has never been seen on this earth and will not be seen again. That is a gift and that should be shared with the world. You should because your you.

My 5 Tips for Believing in Yourself – Episode 2

No one has everything together

It can be easy to play the comparison game and think that the other person is more, better, smarter, etc. and shrink ourselves and not think we are good enough to follow our dream, start that business, create that project. Well, here is a big reality check.

No one really has everything together.

They may seem like they do on social media or the short amount of time you spend with them. But the reality is… we are all human and all still trying to figure it out. Don’t let not having everything together and ready be the reason you don’t start or follow your dreams.

You are enough

You are enough. Who you are right now is enough. All of your quirks is enough to be successful. Your body size is the perfect size for you to follow your dreams. Your current income level is enough to get started reaching your goals. Your age, relationship status, schedule, disabilities, race, color and fill in the blank (because we all have them) is enough and is actually your secret sauce to being successful.

You being yourself and sharing with the world who you are is enough and will actually make you more successful. We are all tired of fake. We want real. We want you and we want you to be yourself. Gift us with that.

Whenever you start to think, it won’t work…..

This is something that I have to constantly practice on an ongoing basis. You know when the self defeating though of “what if it doesn’t work?” enters the mind. Trade that for “what if it does work” and see how your emotions and mood changes. Feel how it makes you feel to dwell on it not working and then flip it around to what if it does work.

You fell better right?! You feel more alive. Remember to replace the self-defeating thought with a what if it does work and keep following that emotion that it makes you feel. Taking the next step.

Final Thoughts

Working on self-belief is one of the best investment of time and one of the most important elements to becoming successful in life and in business.

You are worth it, you are ready as you are and we are all waiting for the gifts you are here to share with the world.

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