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The 5 most powerful words you can use when you talk to yourself

Words have power. They are one of the magical ingredients that can bring an idea to life. I feel that the words we use to talk to our selves and talk about ourselves can create the experience we have as ourselves.

Here are 5 words I think would be good to start including in our self talk.

I am beautiful

I find that there are moments as I walk past a mirror, I am automatically judging and looking for my ‘problem’ areas on my body to see if they have improved. I am working on looking at my body as beautiful in all of its shapes and forms. As I have been trying this there are now moments I find myself working the mirror and feeling sassy.

I am enough

Do you ever find yourself in the trap of if I was…, or when I am… or once I can…

This is one I am constantly working on but feel like the older I get, the easier this one is becoming. Sometimes I feel too quirky and playful to be taken seriously. I laugh like a mad woman and sometimes make references to science fiction as if it were real life. I sometimes feel if I am completely myself, others won’t get me. Now I am choosing to say to myself I am enough just as me. I feel like I am finally coming out of my own closet finally expressing all of my personality, goofy, smart, and ready for a good laugh.

I am grateful for…

Gratitude is the magnet of manifestation. The other day I was in a funky mood for whatever reason. It was a moment I actually caught myself and started to just pick 3 things to focus on that I was grateful for.

I am grateful for the weather.

I am grateful for my son.

I am grateful for my home.

I started to feel better.

Dream big. I can do it

Ever have an idea that makes you excited and fills your heart with happiness? Then do it. This is one of the key teachings I have learned from Abraham. Joy is the key. Following your heart and what fills you with joy is like following a lighted path showing you the way.

Everything is always working out for me

Some moments call for some self soothing.

We had been working on the farm all summer and around August when things are at their peak of intensity (harvesting, planting, other businesses needing attending to as well). I started to feel extremely overwhelmed. At that moment I took a deep breath and told myself, everything is always working out for me. And you know anytime I look back at ‘situations’ in my life that seems like a problem or were very stressful, always seemed to workout for me in the end.

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